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2.000"/50K Chain

Bare Digging Chain 

2-Pitch-Bare-Chain 4-Pitch-Bare-Chain

2-Pitch Bare Chain

1 Station 2-Pitch Bare Chain Repair Link

4-Pitch Bare Chain


Digging Chain Systems/Stations

100 Percent 2-Pitch Dirt/Cup

50 Percent Dirt/Cup 50 Percent Scorpion

100% Dirt/Cup 2-Pitch  50% Dirt Cup | 50% Shark/Scorpion 2-Pitch 

100 Percent 2-Pitch Bolt-On Rock


2-Pitch 100% Welded Shark/Scorpion

 100% Bolt-On Rock 2-Pitch  

100% Welded Shark/Scorpion 2-Pitch

1 Station Welded Shark/Scorpion Repair Link


4-Pitch Cup


2-Pitch 2.000"/50K 100% Bolt-On Shark/Scorpion Station

 100% Dirt/Cup 4-Pitch 

100% Bolt-On Shark/Scorpion

The Chain Systems/Stations above are based on 6" widths. For custom widths or for any chain pattern your looking for that isn't represented here, call GUS at 1-800-245-8339 and we can quote it!