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FIBERLIGN Lite Tension Dead-End For ADSS

The FIBERLIGN Lite Tension Dead-end is a dielectric Dead-end designed to terminate short span, low tension ADSS fiber optic cables in low voltage environments. The Lite Tension Dead-end is a single layer component that offers an economical solution for very light loads.  The product effectively transfers the low axial load on the cable at the end of the Dead-end legs to low uniform radial compression near the Dead-end loop.


  • Standard design parameters
  • Broad cable OD ranges, listed on ID tags
  • Economical single component design
  • Optimized compact length
  • Fast easy installation
  • Accepts standard pole line fittings
  • Latex coated with flared rod ends
  • Uniform pressure design
  • Superior fatigue strength wire design
  • Designed to accept common guy wire Dead-end pole fittings like thimble eyes and guy hooks.
(Catalog Number)*
Cable Diameter Range Color
Length (in)
Min (in) Max (in)
2875001 .375 .414 Red 28
2875002 .415 .459 Orange 31
2875003 .460 .505 Green 33
2875004 .506 .557 Pink 37
2875005 .558 .615 Yellow 41
2875006 .616 .680 Blue 45
2875007 .681 .750 Brown 49
*Add suffix code TE to include Thimble Eye (Cat. No. TE-5) Number - Mount with 5/8" bolt and nut.

Application Procedures

SP-2903 (FIBERLIGN Lite Tension Dead-end ADSS)

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