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COYOTE Hi-Count Closure

The COYOTE Hi-Count Closures use the same drillable end plates and fiber management systems as the COYOTE Splice Case, but incorporate a new lightweight, durable non-metallic shell.


COYOTE Closure Kits
SKU (Catalog Number) Description (mm)
800010810 9.5" x 28" (241 x 711) COYOTE Hi-Count Closure for buffer tube applications, up to 432 single fiber splices, holds up to eighteen 24-count splice trays
8003469 24-count Splice Tray for COYOTE Hi-Count Closure (heat shrink protector only)
800010884 9.5" x 28" (241 x 711) COYOTE Closure, buffer tube version, holds up to six 144-fiber ribbon splice trays (mass fusion), 864-fiber capacity or ten 36 fiber single fiber splice trays, 360-fiber capacity, for use with flexible buffered ribbon fiber cables


SKU (Catalog Number) Description (mm)
80805146 144 Count Ribbon Tray w/fixed rigid slots
80805515 144 Count Ribbon Tray w/2 elastomeric splice blocks
80805514 36 Count Standard Tray w/elastomeric splice blocks – fusion & mechanical splices
8001127 36 Count Low Profile Tray w/plastic splice block – single fusion splices



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SP-2924 (COYOTE Hi-Count Closure)

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