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COYOTE Dome Closure CRB System

The COYOTE Dome Closure Cable Restraint Bracket (CRB) is mounted to the face of the dome end plate and secures the OPGW cables with a robust range taking clamp (Nominal Cable OD 3/8" - 3/4").  The system includes a mounting adapter that slides into the CRB for direct pole mount or convenient modular attachment to the FIBERLIGN Cable Storage 2 bracket and COYOTE Defender 2 ballistic protection.


  • Dome Sizes 6.5" x 17" and 6.5" x 22" for 48 and 144 max splice capacity, respectively.
  • Standard Dome Kits include all necessary materials for cable prep, fiber routing, mounting (to storage & Defender*), and splicing (one tray).
  • Range taking design eliminates costly cable connectors and simplifies inventory.
  • Robust CRB* has improved cable retention and torque resistance (two cable entries).
  • Grommet expandable 4 port end plate.
  • Segmented end plate allows future cables without disturbing occupied ports.
  • CRB provides electrical continuity between OPGW cables, and end plate studs allow bonds to other cables.
  • Independent 4 port end plate design allows future cables without disrupting existing cables and splices

*COYOTE Dome Closure CRB System only


Selection Guide for the COYOTE Dome Closure CRB System for OPGW
OPGW Cable Application SKU
(Catalog Number)
Dome Size
Buffer Tube
Max Single
Fusion Fiber
Plastic (P) 48 COYW617P001 6.5" x 17"
144 COYW622P001 6.5" x 22"
Steel (S)
48 COYW617S001 6.5" x 17"
48 COYW622S001 6.5" x 22"
COYOTE Dome Closure CRB for OPGW SKU: COYWxxxyzzz. WHere COYW = COYOTE Dome CRB System for OPGW, xxx = Dome Size (ex. 617 = 6.5" x 17" Dome), y = buffer tube type, "S" Stainless Steel or "P" Plastic, zzz = kit number with standard kits 001.



Application Procedures

SP-3232 (COYOTE Dome Closure CRB)

SP3233 (FIBERLIGN Cable Storage 2 Assembly for OPGW)

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