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Coyote Dome Closure Accessories

The COYOTE Dome Closures have the versatility and features that make it a perfect choice for fiber-to-the premises networks. Both the 6.5" and 9.5" dome closure designs use PLP’s patented segmented end plate system which allows independent access to each cable port without disruption to surrounding cables. 

COYOTE Dome Closure Accessories
Catalog Number Description
8003681 End Plate Kit for 6.5" Dome Closure
8003839 End Plate Kit for 9.5" Dome Closure
80808651 Long Strength Member Bracket Kit Includes 4 Brackets
80809205 Short Strength Member Bracket Kit Includes 2 Brackets
80811036 6 Port Drop Cable Retention Bobbin Kit
80808878 Large Strength Member Adapter Kit
80808997 End Plate Gasket for 6.5" Dome Closure
COYEPFIX1 End Plate Assembly Fixture for 6.5" or 9.5" Dome Closures
80811037 4 Port Cable Retention Bobbin Kit
80810086 Splice Tray, COYOTE LITE-GRIP Long, Standard Profile, 36 CT., Single Fusion