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COYOTE HD Dome Closure

The COYOTE® HD Dome Closure offers an alternative fiber organizer to support high density splice applications within the same footprint as our existing 9.5" x 28" COYOTE Dome Closure. The new organizer architecture provides open access for fiber routing, reduces cable sheath openings and simplifies assembly; all factors that save you time and money. When combined with PLP’s patented segmented end plate design, the new closure system offers the ultimate level of flexibility to address your complex network needs.


  • Maximum Splice Capacity of 1728 or 3456 depending on cable construction
  • 7 Port segmented end plate design provides independent access to each cable port
    without disruption to surrounding cables
  • Two splice tray designs to support mass fusion splicing, single fusion or a combination
    of both
  • Modular tray design permits trays to hinge upward or be removed from the stack to allow
    multiple splicers to work simultaneously
  • Grommet range now accepts fiber optic cable entry of up to 1.38" in diameter


  • Size: 13.33" Diameter. x 29.47" L (33.86cm Diameter. x 74.8cm L), includes Sealing Collar
  • Approximate Weight: 24lbs.
  • Applications: Direct Bury, Manhole, Handhole, Wall/Pole, Aerial Mounting (ADSS and Strand)
  • Degree of Protection: Tested in accordance to TELCORDIA® GR-771-CORE Buried, Underground, IP-68
  • Max Splice Capacity: 3456; using (12) 80813122 Thin Profile Ribbon Flip Trays, 288 Ct.; 1728 using (6) 80813121 Deep Profile Ribbon Flip Trays, 288 Ct. 
  • Max Quantity of Cables: 7; Multiple cables can enter each port
  • Cable Diameters Supported: Ports 1-7: 0.093"-1.25" (2.4mm-31.8mm); Ports 3 and 6 can support 0.093"-1.38" (2.4mm-35.0mm) upon request


Application Procedures

SP3451-1 - COYOTE® HD Dome Closure 9.5" x 28" with Transition Tray

SP3456-3 - COYOTE HD Dome Closure 9.5" x 28" without Transition Tray

SP3462-3 - COYOTE Flip Splice Trays for High-Density Applications

SP3468 - COYOTE 1-Hole Grommet for Cable Range 1.25"-1.38"

SP3486 - COYOTE® HD Dome Transition Tray Kit for 864 Expressed Applications

SP3487 - COYOTE® Retention Adapter Bracket for Large Strength Members

SP3500 - COYOTE® Unitube Cable Breakout Kit

SP3549 - Wire Loom Insertion Tool for Split Braided Wrap

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