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FIBERLIGN Drop Cable Storage Bracket (FDC8)

FIBERLIGN Drop Cable Storage Bracket (FDC8) stores slack cables in aerial, pole mount, vault & wall entrance installations.


  • 8" (203 mm) diameter slack storage – Flat and round drop cable applications
  • All Dielectric UV resistant Material – Non-conductive and UV protected for safe long term use
  • Kits for various applications – Aerial, Pole, Vault, and Wall mount kits
  • Molded nut pockets & hanger guides – Simplify installation
  • Stackable (with stacking kit) – Provides multi-level slack management
  • Capture Tabs – Harness cable loops during installation for easier handling, minimized need for tie wraps, and allow easy cable manipulation between tabs (stacked or not).




Application Procedure

FIBERLIGN (FDC8) Drop Cable Storage Bracket- SP3259-1

COYOTE DTC4/6/8 Mounting Bracket for FIBERLIGN ADSS Cable Storage Bracket- SP3563

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FIBERLIGN (FDC8) Drop Cable Storage Bracket

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FIBERLIGN (FDC8) Drop Cable Storage Bracket


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