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FIBERLIGN Vertical Cable Storage

FIBERLIGN Vertical Cable Storage Assemblies provide a method for storing ADSS or OPGW cable on wood poles, metal poles, concrete poles, and lattice towers.


PLP offers two types of systems:  Independent Crossarm and Spool System and Fixed Crossarm System

  • Features of Independent Crossarm and Spool System
    • Flexible Configurations with basic kits
    • Mounting options conform to most structures
    • Accommodates cable manufature suggested storage diameters
    • Black Urethane Storage Spool provides soft curved support for cable
    • Steel Components have Galvanized or zinc plated protection
    • COYOTE Defender Application - Self Tapping Screw stops
  • Features of Fixed Crossarm System
    • Metal channel structural frame provides a durable lightweight design with ridged strength that is easy to install
    • Corrosion Resistant Material (Aluminum for ADSS frame and Galvanized Steel for OPGW frame
    • Bolt together Crossarm packs in uniform low profile container that reduces shipping cost and is easier to inventory
    • Multiple Keyholes adapt various Splice Cases
    • Wide Cable keepers avoid point loads and provide better cable support


Independent Crossarm and Spool System: Cable Storage Type 1
SKU Kit Description Application
8003493 OPGW/ADSS Vertical Cable Storage Assembly For wood pole, metal pole, & lattice tower OPGW 5ft loop dia x 300 ft long with spools at extreme position
8003503 Cable Storage Spool Spool for wood pole mounting. Accepts 5/8" through bolt
8003503B1 Cable Storage Spool w/Banding Bracket Spool with Banding Bracket, Accepts 1-1/4" wide band - for Metal Pole mounting
8003503LTC1 Cable Storage Spool & Lattice Tower Clamp Spool for lattice tower mounting. Clamp accepts 1.1 max
8003569 OPGW Double Arm Storage Assembly For mounting crossarms and spools to wood poles.


ORDERING: SKU combinations for suggested configurations below
plp-8003493.png plp-8003493-2-.png plp-8003493-4-.png plp-8003569-2-.png plp-8003503ltc1.jpg plp-8003569-3-.png.jpg
NOTE: 5/8" through bolts, 5/8" Double Arming Bolts (DA Bolts), bands, and Defender are not supplied with the kits. 5/8" through bolts and Double Arming bolts are typically used to mount crossarms and spools to wood poles.


FIBERLIGN Cable Storage Assemblies Fixed Crossarm Systems: Cable Storage Type 2
SKU 80061195
Kit Description FIBERLIGN Cable Storage 2 for OPGW
of Kit
Application For wood pole, metal pole, & lattice tower. 5 ft loop dia x 300 ft long OPGW cable storage up to 3/4" dia cable



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SP-2915 (FIBERLIGN Vertical Cable Storage)

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