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FIBERLIGN Lite Support For ADSS Drop Cables

The FIBERLIGN Lite Support (FLS) for ADSS Drop Cables is the perfect product for distribution of multiple drop cables in an FTTP system as each FLS can support two cables and the FLS has stack-able housings. One 5/8" double arming bolt or through bolt can securely stack FLS units within the same pole space. This keeps cables neatly secured to the pole.


  • Accepts round and flat profile ADSS drop cables
  • Span Lengths up to 300' (91 m) NESCY heavy
  • Line Angles up to 20 Degrees
  • Multi-cable Options
  • Two Cables per Housing and Stack-able Housing for 4 or more cables
  • Stringing Block
    • String-in Cable for line angles up to 10 Degrees
    • Accepts 1-1/4: (31.8 mm) diameter Pulling-in Hardware
  • Mounting Options
    • Accepts 5/8" (15.8 mm) Through Bolt for Wood Pole
    • Accepts 3/4" (19.1 mm) Wide Band for Steel/Concrete Pole


(Catalog Number)
Insert Size Cable Diameter Range*
Min (in) Max (in) Min (mm) Max (mm)
4800107 SMALL 0.250 0.280 6.35 7.12
4800109 0.305 0.375 7.74 9.53
*Round Profile Cable Diameter Range. Flat cables use SKU 4800107.
Add Suffix Code 'H2' for banding hardware kit that includes Retaining bolt, washer and lock washer. 



Application Procedures

SP-2902 (Fiberlign Lite Support ADSS Drop)

SP-3557 (FIBERLIGN Lite Support Multi Drop Cushion)

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