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Pulling Cable Grips

Multiple Strength Grip - Rotating Eye*

multiple-strength-grip-rotating-eye.jpgMultiple Strength Pulling Grips are designed for pulling ACSR, aluminum or copper bare conductor, ground wires, messenger strands, wire rope and insulated cables. They are ideal for overhead transmission and distribution line stringing where moderate loading is anticipated. They are economical tools used for attaching conductors to pulling lines and double socking for conductor-to-conductor connections.


Part # Description Color
Cable Diameter (in)
Approximate Breaking Strength (lbs)
E (in)
M (in)
OD Rotate Eye (in)
Thickness of Eye (in)
CX08641813 033-02-016 Dark Green .25-.49 6,800 5  26 7/8 .315
CX08641822  033-02-018 Brown .50-.74 10,000 5  25 1 .524
CX08641831 033-02-020  Light Blue .75-.99 14,400 6  25  1 .513

*Rotating Eye is not a swivel. It will not turn while under tension, but it can turn to relieve pulling torque when the tension is relaxed.