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Brush Mowers or Cutters

  • Extreme Heavy-Duty Brush Mower

    Extreme Heavy-Duty Brush Mower

    Description Extreme jobs call for the Extreme Heavy-Duty Brush Mower. This mower is armored to withstand the toughest conditions. The push bar and open front design work to feed material into the mower where it is quickly shredded by four...

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  • HD Direct-Drive Utility Brush Mower

    HD Direct-Drive Utility Brush Mower

    Description Cut, clear and mulch brush, grass, saplings and trees with the Utility Heavy-Duty Brush Mower. The deck is reinforced for long-term durability. An open deck design and heavy-duty push bar are designed for tackling large saplings and...

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  • Utility Brush Mower

    Utility Brush Mower

    Description This rigid brush mower makes mowing easy with its durable, yet lightweight design. The 60" and 72" models are able to withstand the rigors of property maintenance with their respective 7 gauge and 1/4" steel decks. Small trees,...

    $4,695.00 - $5,595.00
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  • Rotary Brush Mower

    Rotary Brush Mower

    Description The Rotary Brush Mower / Brush Cutter has been re-engineered for rugged durability, safety, and ease of operation. The 60”, 66”, 72” and 78” models are built from 1/4” steel making them some of the...

    $6,295.00 - $7,395.00
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  • Heavy-Duty Direct-Drive Brush Mower

    Heavy-Duty Direct-Drive Brush Mower

    Description Cut, clear and mulch the heaviest brush, grass, saplings, and trees with the Heavy-Duty Direct-Drive Brush Mower. The high-flow design can handle the toughest land clearing projects, and trees up to 8” diameter with your...

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  • Forestry Mulching Mower

    Forestry Mulching Mower

    Description Our Forestry Mulching Mower is designed to de-forest an area and return the debris back to the environment. The Rage cuts trees up to 14” in diameter and mulches trees up to 6”. If you need a powerful, reliable mulching...

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  • Dual Rotary Brush Mower

    Dual Rotary Brush Mower

    Description The Dual Rotary Brush Mower is engineered for today’s larger skid steers. The 84” cutting width is built with 1/4” steel to withstand the rigors of brush cutting. Use it to cut trees, brush, and unwanted weeds and grass...

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