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Brush Mowers or Cutters

  • Ditch Caddy

    Description The Ditch Caddy™ comes standard with a patent pending hydraulic pivot locking system when paired with our heavy-duty flex wing mower. The system allows the operator to securely lock the pivot between the caddy and mower in any...

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  • Heavy-Duty Flex Wing Mower

    Heavy-Duty Flex Wing Mower

    Description The Heavy-Duty Flex Wing Mower, available in 10’ and 15’ models, is designed to cover more ground in less time. Two flex wings respond to the contour of the ground while mowing hills, ditches and swales. Built for long...

    $32,995.00 - $39,995.00
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  • 3-Point PTO Brush Mower

    3-Point PTO Brush Mower

    Description Our 3-point brush mower is the perfect companion for your compact tractor. Break new trails, clear ditches or other overgrown areas. The innovative “Stump Jumper” is designed to prevent damage to the unit. This unit operates...

    $3,895.00 - $4,345.00
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