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Railhead is engineered to drill through tough rocky conditions, while the patented technology allows it to out steer every other tool on the market, typically making corrections in half the time required by other knock offs and conventional tooling. And, it allows smaller machines that had been previously unsuccessful to complete tough condition bores.

Railhead bores in a manner different than any other tool. By drilling in a random elliptical pattern, Railhead creates an annular space larger than the tooling. This reduces wear, increases flow and allows for faster corrections.

Railhead Housings and Rock Bits incorporate the patented "Stress Relief Structure" with the "key and keyway" design to take much of the side stress off the bolts. This greatly reduces tool loss due to bolts breaking. The newly designed round door incorporates another patent with the "Door Hold Down Tabs." Simply drop the door in place, slide it back and install the bolts in front of the door.