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Ditch Witch and Vermeer Style Paddle Bits - at GUS

Ditch Witch and Vermeer Style Paddle Bits - at GUS

Posted by - Gussie on 28th Feb 2020

Ditch Witch style and Vermeer style paddle bits are available at Georgia Underground for amazing prices.

GUS offers a wide range of horizontal directional drilling paddle bits (or steering bits) for use on all Ditch Witch and Vermeer drill rigs.

All bits are manufactured using premium materials and many are hard-faced maximizing wear life. We get the best prices from the manufacturer's to make sure you get the best prices for your projects.

Please contact one of our Georgia Underground horizontal directional drilling experts for specific recommendations on soil conditions and bit selection.

If you have any questions contact GUS at: 800-245-8339 or talk to our online chat representative!